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Liantec Technical Support Center

Download Datasheet, Driver, BIOS, and Other Technical Document

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EMB-series 3.5" Drive-size Compact Computing EmBoard
●  EMB-3100 Intel Atom eMenlow Compact Computing EmBoard
EMB-3700 VIA C7-Eden CX700M Compact Computing EmBoard
TBM-series Tiny-Bus Extension Module
●  TBM-16AM72 Tiny-Bus x16 PCIe AMD-ATi M72 Radeon E2400 GPU Module
●  TBM-1440 Tiny-Bus PCIe Quad Intel 82573L Gbit Ethernet Module
●  TBM-1441 Tiny-Bus PCIe Quad Intel 82574L Gbit Ethernet Module
●  TBM-1450 Tiny-Bus PCIe IEEE1394b FireWire 800 Host Module


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